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From Andreas Schamberger <>
Subject Re: [zeta-dev] Re: Class prefix change, was: Re: [zeta-dev] Welcome Apache Zeta Components - SVN up and running :)
Date Sat, 31 Jul 2010 13:02:41 GMT

creating a successful new brand zeta components in my opinion also 
requires to change the prefix even if causes some migration pain.

Am 31.07.2010 13:36, schrieb Tobias Schlitt:
> Hash: SHA1
> Hi,
> On 07/31/2010 12:57 PM, Andreas Schamberger wrote:
>> 1) I'm not so happy with keeping the ezc prefix. As far as I recall it
>> wasn't really considered to change the class prefix to zeta. Ok the
>> reasoning is valid but wouldn't this big step of moving to Apache justify
>> the change? If we don't change it now it'll maybe stay forever ... Using
>> the autoload files for a conversion script would be a save way to do the
>> conversion.
> we considered several ways for changing the class prefix. A fundamental
> requirement here is, that people must be able to migrate smoothly. BC
> has always been one of the major concerns of eZ Components and we want
> to keep it that way.

But it can also become a major annoyance when being obsessed with it ;)

> Script based migration is not fully possible, due to PHP's dynamic
> nature. For example, if you're using call_user_func() and friends,
> conversion is likely to fail. We could therefore not guarantee that
> migration to a new class prefix works flawlessly.

I think the script based approach could be considered relatively safe.
The call_user_func problem is obvious but I don't see it as a blocker.

There are 3 major cases:

1) object method call
    $object = 'ezcClassName';
    call_user_func( array( $object => 'method' );

2) static class function call
    call_user_func( array( 'ezcClassName' => 'method' );

3) static class function call with variable
     a) $className = 'ezcClassName';
        call_user_func( array( $className => 'method' );
     b) $className = 'ezc' . 'Class' . 'Name';
        call_user_func( array( $className => 'method' );

Is the only problematic case 3b), where the class name is constructed 
completely dynamic worth not to change the prefix? Is it such a common 
use case?

Maybe I am missing something really important...


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