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From Tobias Schlitt <>
Subject [zeta-dev] Status: Code drop performed, SVN import tests ahead, website in the works
Date Sat, 17 Jul 2010 10:50:22 GMT
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Hi all,

I'll try to post irregular status updates to the list from now on, to
keep you all up to date, what is going on behind the scenes.

Roland sent the code drop form to ASF secretary last week, so the full
code base of eZ Components is now licensed to the ASF, giving us the
legal basis for Zeta Components.

Ole provided the SVN export of the eZ Components repository for download.

I'm in touch with ASF Infra to get the import running. By now, we plan
to run initial import tests during the weekend. This will result in a
Zeta Components test SVN with re-mapping of the old commiter names of
the form "$xy/" or, if that is not possible, "$".

After a successful test import, we can attempt to make the productive
import. However, this will take some time, due to the large number of
revisions in the repo. The normal import process, which imports into the
master servers and all mirror servers in parallel, can only handle ~400
revisions / hour. Therefore we need to process the import in an
alternative way: Master servers will be closed for commits and
synchronization will be stopped. Then the import will happen through
normal import from shell on the masters. This should take about 1-2
hours. After that, commits and sync will be re-enabled. To avoid
disturbing commiters, this will need to happen during a weekend in a
time with typically few commits. Therefore, the import may take some
more weeks, to schedule it properly.

Additional info about the SVN import can be found here:

Kore is working on setting up our new website on an infrastructure
suitable for ASF. We will have a nice build system, so that every
commiter can update the site easily.

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