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From Piotrek Karas <>
Subject Re: [zeta-dev] Search component and fecets
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2010 09:26:57 GMT
W dniu 2010-07-09 07:09, Piotrek Karas pisze:
> Hello guys,
> First off all, where should we discuss problems with the components?
> Should that be sent to zeta-users or zeta-dev? Does anyone read zeta-users?
> Now down to the case. I'm trying to build a search interface with an
> ezcSearch engine using solr handler. It seems to work fine, but I've got
> some problems with facets. As long as I add any one facet field to my
> find query, it seems to work fine, the search result has the facet
> information in place and calculated correctly. As soon as I add any
> combination of two or more fields, the facet information in the search
> result disappears (empty array). Now, I've tested every field from the
> combination separately, each time they produce correct faceting
> information individually.
> Now, maybe there's something I don't understand about how to apply
> faceting information. Unfortunately, there's very little on this subject
> in the doc:
> # // add a facet on url (not very useful)
> # $q->facet( 'url' );
> Has anyone succeeded in using the search component for multi-facet
> search? If so, will you be willing to share any examples? Or maybe you
> know what I could be doing wrong here?
> Thanks in advance,
> Cheers,
> Piotrek

OK, I think I've solved the problem, seems like a bug or maybe version 
compliance with older versions of solr, don't know.

When applying multiple facets, ezc solr handler builds the facet query 
part like this:

However, solr doesn't seem to expect or understand that, but it accepts 
something like this:

This syntax is impossible to achieve with eZC solr handler since it uses 
http_build_query function which takes an associative array of params and 
so it is impossible to pass two variables sharing the same key.

Therefore the way I used to fix this was to create a post-query-build 
fix (around line 160 in ezcSearchSolrHandler):

public static function fixQueryStringFacetField( &$queryString )
$matches = array();
preg_match( '/\&facet.field=([^&]*)\&/', $queryString, $matches );
if ( isset( $matches[1] ) )
	$facetFields = explode( '+', $matches[1] );
	$facetFieldsString = '&facet.field=' . implode( '&facet.field=', 
$facetFields ) . '&';
	$queryString = preg_replace( '/\&facet.field=[^&]*\&/', 
$facetFieldsString, $queryString );

* Sends the raw command $type to Solr
* @param string $type
* @param array(string=>string) $queryString
* @return string
* @access private
public function sendRawGetCommand( $type, $queryString = array() )
$statusCode = 0;
$queryPart = '';
if ( count( $queryString ) )
     $queryPart = '/?'. http_build_query( $queryString );
self::fixQueryStringFacetField( $queryPart ); // <---- NEW LINE HERE
echo '<textarea style="width:1200px; height:100px;">' . $queryPart . 
$cmd =  "GET {$this->location}/{$type}{$queryPart} HTTP/1.1\n";
$cmd .= "Host: {$this->host}:{$this->port}\n";
$cmd .= "User-Agent: eZ Components Search\n";
$cmd .= "Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8\n";
$cmd .= "\n";

I would have submitted this as a bug, but didn't know which was the 
proper place to do so now.


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