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Subject [zeta-commits] svn commit: r1035827 - /incubator/zetacomponents/website/content/news/002_status_update.txt
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2010 21:55:26 GMT
Author: toby
Date: Tue Nov 16 21:55:26 2010
New Revision: 1035827

- Added: Draft for a "status update" blog entry.

    incubator/zetacomponents/website/content/news/002_status_update.txt   (with props)

Added: incubator/zetacomponents/website/content/news/002_status_update.txt
--- incubator/zetacomponents/website/content/news/002_status_update.txt (added)
+++ incubator/zetacomponents/website/content/news/002_status_update.txt Tue Nov 16 21:55:26
@@ -0,0 +1,94 @@
+Status update
+It's been a while since Apache Zeta Components was `officially accepted for
+incubation`__ in the Apache Software Foundation in May 2010. Since then, a lot
+of progress has been made, especially in the area of technical infrastructure
+and code drop. So, it's time to present the current status of the project and
+ask you to actively take part in the community!
+There's been a lot of work on the technical infrastructure for Zeta. First off,
+we have a `new SVN`__, which you should use from now on to obtain the Zeta
+code. We did not role an official release, yet, mostly due to the fact that the
+release process is right now in discussion, to be adjusted to ASF needs.
+The project mandatory mailing lists have been set up. So, if you want to
+contribute and take part in the community, please register for
+``__. If you are only using Zeta Components,
+please use the `user mailinglist at`__ to
+discuss issues with other users. However, the developer mailinglist is also
+open for questions and problems. If you want to be up to date on commits to the
+SVN repository, you should subscribe to ``__
+and if you want to help fixing bugs, please subscribe to
+Subscribing to any of the Zeta mailing lists is easy. Just send an empty email
+    zeta-*
+so, for example for the dev list, email
+We also have a new `issue tracker`__, which you can use to file bugs.
+Furthermore, there is a `code browser`__ which you can use to inspect our
+source code without downloading it or checking it out from SVN.
+Code drop
+`eZ Systems AS`__ has performed the so-called *code drop*, which essentially
+means that the complete eZ Components SVN history was sent to the ASF and a
+contract was signed which completes the donation. Furthermore, Ole from eZ
+Systems has performed license and copyright changes after the code was imported
+to `our new SVN`__. So, the (now) Zeta Components code is from now on licensed
+under the `Apache License 2.0`__. For you as a user, this does not change much,
+since the Apache License is basically as permissive as the former New BSD
+license was.
+At this place, we want to seize the chance to thank eZ Systems a lot for
+donating the eZ Components source code base to the ASF and therefore making
+Apache Zeta Components possible.
+Quite some contributions to Apache Zeta Components are in discussion on the
+developer mailinglist:
+Jerome Renard and James Pic joined forces for providing an `overrider
+mechanism`__ for the Configuration component. This technique should allow you
+to specify multiple directories for configuration files (INIs) of which the
+first contains default values and all further ones can override these defaults.
+This is especially useful in large applications and for application modules.
+Gustavo Solt from the PHProject__ team is implementing a `proof-of-concept for
+CalDAV support`__ for the Webdav component. CalDAV is an extension to WebDAV,
+which allows to synchronize calendars to a central server. CalDAV was already
+in mind when the Webdav component was originally started a couple of years ago,
+but time did not permit to implement it until now. Therefore, we are happily
+looking forward to this contribution.
+There are some more enhancements in discussion on the mailinglist, so please
+subscribe there, if you want to take part in designing and/or implementing
+those! Furthermore, we are actively looking for contributors. So, if you use
+Zeta Components (or still eZ Components) and have a cool idea, found a bug or
+just want to provide a helping hand, please subscribe to
+``__ and join our team!
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