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Subject [zeta-commits] svn commit: r983916 - in /incubator/zetacomponents/trunk: Document/docs/tutorial.txt MvcTools/docs/tutorial.txt Search/docs/tutorial.txt Translation/docs/linguist-format.txt
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2010 10:20:57 GMT
Author: toby
Date: Tue Aug 10 10:20:56 2010
New Revision: 983916

- Attempt to fix SVN URLs in docs.
# Based on a patch by Jérôme Renard.


Modified: incubator/zetacomponents/trunk/Document/docs/tutorial.txt
--- incubator/zetacomponents/trunk/Document/docs/tutorial.txt (original)
+++ incubator/zetacomponents/trunk/Document/docs/tutorial.txt Tue Aug 10 10:20:56 2010
@@ -657,7 +657,7 @@ The PDF output can be styled using a CSS
 based on the Docbook XML structure. The default styling rules are defined in
 the `default.css`__.
 The first most relevant part are the general layout options, which can be
 defined for the common article root node in the Docbook XML file. You can set
@@ -888,7 +888,7 @@ PDF`_. Using simplified CSS you assign s
 which are generated into automatic styles in the resulting Open Document. The
 default styling rules (`default.css`__) are the same as for PDF.
 Applying custom styles can be done as follows:

Modified: incubator/zetacomponents/trunk/MvcTools/docs/tutorial.txt
--- incubator/zetacomponents/trunk/MvcTools/docs/tutorial.txt (original)
+++ incubator/zetacomponents/trunk/MvcTools/docs/tutorial.txt Tue Aug 10 10:20:56 2010
@@ -12,11 +12,11 @@ framework but merely provides the differ
 tutorial we'll use MvcTools to build **HelloMvc**, a classic application that
 greets the visitor in the choosen language. Its sources are available in the
 SVN at:
 **TheWire** is a twitter__ like application to share information which is
 architectured with MvcTools and avalaible in SVN as well, at
@@ -332,7 +332,7 @@ don't want your users to see your error 
 We're cloning the original request here to keep all the original request
 parameters (user agent, request time, etc). With this last method, we conclude
 the helloMvcConfiguration class. You can find the whole fine in SVN at
 There are four other methods defined in the interface. Those methods deal with
 running filters on request, result and response data. We will be using the
@@ -468,7 +468,7 @@ handlers that will render the results fr
 The whole controller file can be found in SVN as: 
 It is also possible to return different results than the above normal type.
 You can do so by setting the $ret->status property to an instance of either

Modified: incubator/zetacomponents/trunk/Search/docs/tutorial.txt
--- incubator/zetacomponents/trunk/Search/docs/tutorial.txt (original)
+++ incubator/zetacomponents/trunk/Search/docs/tutorial.txt Tue Aug 10 10:20:56 2010
@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ and allows for many more customizations.
 Solr requires a few minor changes to make it work with the Search component.
 `This schema`__ should be used as a basis for the Search component.

Modified: incubator/zetacomponents/trunk/Translation/docs/linguist-format.txt
--- incubator/zetacomponents/trunk/Translation/docs/linguist-format.txt (original)
+++ incubator/zetacomponents/trunk/Translation/docs/linguist-format.txt Tue Aug 10 10:20:56
@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ Example
 A full example of an TS file can be found here__.

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