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From "Alexey Petrenko" <>
Subject Re: [ROLL CALL] Committers for Yoko
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 05:24:32 GMT
2007/9/10, Matt Hogstrom <>:
> There has been discussion on the dev list regarding the disposition
> of Yoko.  Current course and speed the general consensus is to
> separate Yoko into components for migration into existing TLPs as sub-
> projects.  If you are a committer and interested in continuing to
> work on project Yoko please ACK this note so we can keep track of you.
> My current thinking is that active / interested committers would
> migrate with the project to their respective home.  When ACKing
> please indicate your preference(s) for participation for the core
> ORB  / bindings.  For those that are not currently interested if the
> flame burns bright in the future accepting you as a committer would
> most likely be a non-issue (unless its three years from now and all
> the people have changed, for example).
> [ ] Ack, I'm interested in continuing activity on project Yoko

> [ ] I'm interested in the Core ORB

> [ ] I'm interested in the bindings

However, not much activity from me on Yoko for the last time frame...
Mostly on Harmony...

SY, Alexey

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