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From "Alan D. Cabrera" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Next Steps
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 04:35:09 GMT

On Sep 5, 2007, at 7:03 AM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> Regardless of how we move the code I would think that committers on  
> Yoko should join the appropriate projects after a project chooses  
> to accept the code.  It makes little sense to me to accept the code  
> and not the community since the community has already established  
> their karma as Apache committers and are most familiar with the  
> code base.  I would expect the receiving project  to vote on the  
> donation and committers but since we operate in a world of trust  
> and collaboration I wouldn't see any benefit to moving code without  
> the community; to me that would be a non-starter.
> 1. Move Yoko in its entirety to another TLP and make it a sub- 
> project.  The TLP PMC would provide the oversight and it would no  
> longer be in incubator.
> 2. Break Yoko up into two components which would be the core ORB  
> with the IDLJ compiler and the JAX-WS bindings work.
> Both proposals have pluses and minuses.  Here is my thinking in no  
> particular order.
> The two suggested locations for Yoko have been Harmony and Geronimo  
> for the core ORB.  If I step back and look at how other JDKs are  
> organized they ship the ORB as part of the JDK and provide a  
> generic ORB.  With that in mind it seems to make sense move the  
> core ORB and IDLJ to Harmony.  Geronimo would be able to pick up  
> the ORB as a separate package (or I would hope that it would be  
> able to in order to preserve what we've done historically.)

The ORBs that are shipped with Sun's JVM is severely hamstrung.  I  
would not use that precedent to move the ORB to Harmony.

> Also, it is my understanding that the WebServices bindings should  
> be part of Java 6 and as such it would seem to make sense that they  
> live in Harmony as well.  That said, the expertise in this area is  
> mostly in CXF.  I'm not sure who the committers are on this portion  
> of Yoko so it would be great to gather some input from those folks  
> as well.
> I'll Ping Tim Ellison at Harmony since he posted earlier.  I'm not  
> sure if he's actively looking at this list or not.
> Other thoughts?

I think that Yoko would be better suited in Geronimo where we are  
more server oriented.  I think that given the plugable nature of the  
ORB, the CXF bindings could probably move to CXF.


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