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From "Lukas Zapletal" <>
Subject Setting repositoryID for
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2007 11:23:47 GMT

I am implementing a provider that have to serve several services
dynamicaly. My client code hangs in the narrow method -- the
repository ID returned from the service is not the repository ID
expected by the client.

When I am implementing the service from the WSDL the repository ID is
set from the WSDL definition file. The problem comes when I am
implementing dynamic service imlementing Provider interface. How to
set the repository IDs from the code?

public class CaclcorCORBAMessageProvider implements Provider<CorbaMessage> {

    public CaclcorCORBAMessageProvider() {

    public CorbaMessage invoke(CorbaMessage request) {
    	CorbaMessage response = null;
        return response;

Lukas Zapletal

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