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From "Lukas Zapletal" <>
Subject CORBA-SOAP dynamic bridge with Yoko
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2007 13:09:21 GMT

I need to develop a CORBA-SOAP bridge that will integrate into JBoss
and dynamically translate CORBA calls to SOAP/HTTP calls and vice
versa. It must be implemented as fully dynamic component using DSI API
on the CORBA side and dynamic WS handler on the Web Services side. We
must also create idl2wsdl and wsdl2idl tools to allow developers call
WS from CORBA and vice versa.

I prefer re-using some Open Source project and expanding it instead
developing my own code from the ground. I am evaluting Yoko for whole
week if am I able to use it.

Yoko-tools subproject is a good candidate for the converters. Project
Yoko has working IDL and WSDL parsers but the problem for me is the
binding stuff. I do not understand the whole binding mechanism yet.

Yoko-binding subproject is good candidate too. Maybe I could use the
binding API toghether with Apache CXF to parse incoming requests and
translate them to CORBA or WS respectively. Is it possible to write
code that will accept CORBA message or WS message and convert it to
WS/CORBA message respectively? Since our component should be fully
dynamic I am not sure what I will need yet.

What other Yokos components could be re-used in my project? What you
suggest to start with? What points in Yoko are expandable? What do you

Thank you very much for help and tips

Lukas Zapletal

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