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From Tim Ellison <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Project Status
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2007 21:23:41 GMT
Lars K├╝hne wrote:
> Daniel Kulp wrote:
>> 1) The core orb and related stuff.   Basically, "core",
>> "yoko-spec-corba", "rmi-spec", and "rmi-impl".   These are definitely
>> the things Geronimo and Harmony are most interested in.  
>> 2) The "Web Service" binding components.
>> The "api", "bindings", "tools", and "maven-plugin" modules.
>> These consist mostly of plugins to CXF, tooling around those, etc...
>> to allow the use of the CXF apis (JAX-WS) to communicate with CORBA
>> apps. 
>> The stuff in #2 actually has no dependency on the stuff in #1.   The
>> binding stuff should work with almost any ORB.   (Kind of evident by
>> the threads from Lukas getting it to work with Jacorg.)   However, #2
>> is heavily dependent on CXF.   When CXF makes major changes, it tends
>> to break that stuff.    Also, that has caused issues with the release
>> schedules  as it kind of ties to the Yoko releases to CXF releases.
>> So, my question is, would another TLP be interested in BOTH parts or
>> should we look into splitting them?
> I'd be OK with that, but does Harmony need an IDL compiler (idlj clone)?
> If so, the IDL preprocessor/parser in "tools" would have to live in both
> worlds somehow...

As mentioned elsewhere, Harmony already depends upon Yoko for the core
orb code, and as we have started work on our Java 6 implementation we
will need to consume a JAX-WS implementation too.  We are also in the
market for idlj.exe to fill-out the JDK toolset.

So it seems clear that wherever Yoko ends up, the code is of great value
 ('thank you' and keep up the good work), and Yoko should continue
delivering components that can be consumed by multiple projects.


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