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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Re: On to the next problem....
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2006 14:23:55 GMT
Ok, I've managed to find where these arguments are getting written to 
the request.  The TypeDescriptor appears to be getting set correctly, 
and it is resolving and calling the correct helper class to write the 
value to the argument request stream.  The value getting written is a 
single short value. 

The MinorCode value I'm getting back for the marshal exception  I 
believe is indicating a  premature  end-of-stream on the request.  I'm 
guessing that that these sorts of entities should be preceded by some 
sort of type code information?  Does anybody know what's expected with 
this sort of argument?
This appears to be the only argument type failing the tests now.


Rick McGuire wrote:
> Ok, now that I've got the stub serialization issues fixed, it's on to 
> the next problem.  Now I'm seeing marshall exceptions trying to pass 
> an IDLEntity type to a method over RMI-IIOP.  This is going to a Sun 
> RMI server, so I'm not really able to figure out the cause other than 
> a Minor code of 0xcf.  Anybody have any suggestions on where I can 
> start debugging this problem?
> Rick

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