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From "Alexey Petrenko" <>
Subject Re: [compatibility] Do we want to be Java5 compatible?
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 12:03:50 GMT
2006/11/24, Darren Middleman <>:
> I'm not sure I completely understand what you mean by making Yoko Java5
> compatible
It would be good for Yoko (IMHO) and perfect for Harmony if
application which is designed for Java5 will work on Yoko without
modifications. Backward compatibility...

> but I would be a bit worried about changing class names and
> method signitures so that Yoko matches the API presented in the JDK.
> Couldn't this lead us into a situation where we are moving backwards in terms of
> CORBA compliance?
I do not think that this will move Yoko backward in most cases. But I
believe that EACH change should be reviewed from this point of view.

The only thing I try to understand is there any interest in Yoko
community to make Yoko backward compatible with Java5. If it is
possible at all :)

SY, Alexey

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