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From "Nolan, Edell" <>
Subject RE: Milestone 1 issues need fixing before we release
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2006 10:43:05 GMT

I would like to ask where we are with the following issues to releasing
milestone 1.

> => we need to get the 
> issue sorted with the org.omg.* classes now removed and placed in the 
> yoko-spec-corba-1.0-incubating-M1-SNAPSHOT.jar - we no longer have one

> jar.  which Geronimo needs. Can the people involved in removing the 
> classes - give a quick update and hopefully we can resolve this one.

Are we going to stick with having two .jars - the core yoko.jar and spec
Its not a requirement for Geromimo to have just one jar. So if we are
going to go with the approach of having two jars then I would like to
close this issue. What do people think ?

> => The Bank demo needs 
> to be fixed. - I have a fix for this and will merge it shortly.

This is fixed.

> => Everybody should have the auto-props sent around by Dan Kulp. (I 
> have added this to the wiki).

This is fixed and everybody should have their auto-props set correctly

> => - The Test Framework

> from Iona should be open sourced within the next month - they are 
> working on the last few remaining issues to get it ready to be 
> opensourced.

This should be in codehaus in the next 2-3 weeks.

> The following one should also be added
> => Generating an 
> eclipse project is broken with the addition of NOTICE, LICENSE and 
> DISCLAIMER files. 

I will look into this. 

I am in the process of building a new version and will upload it later

Has anything else come up since we last had this list inorder to get
milestone 1 released ?

Thanks, Edell.

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