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From Geir Magnusson Jr <>
Subject Re: Our milestone release
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2006 12:51:13 GMT

Nolan, Edell wrote:
> Well how about we come up with some sort of policy where we will only
> put up snapshots
> That are passing all tests etc. 

I hoped there was a policy that any new commit passed all tests :)

>>> Also I really like the milestone numbering and don't think it implies
>>> being ready.  It is just a milestone on a journey.
>> Each to his own.  I think that the version number should be a hint.  
>> If yoko is that mature that calling it 1.0 is a good idea, that's 
>> great.  I know that with Geronimo, we made the mistake of calling the 
>> basic kernel "1.0-M1", which really confused people since it was only 
>> a display of the architectural ideas, and not a 1.0 candidate.
> For those of you that don't know, Geir and I have always disagreed on
> this.  He thinks a milestone is means it is close, I think interpret a
> milestone as a checkpoint (like the milestone in a workflow or M$
> project file).  Anyway there is no reason to rehash this.
> => my interpretation of a snapshot is that it is only a checkpoint as
> well and that you will have a series of milestones that then lead to
> your 1.0 release. With each milestone more of the components become
> complete and aim for the functionality that you want to provide in your
> 1.0 release. 

Yep - the argument that Dain and I have had is simply what to label
those releases, not about what a snapshot is (which isn't a release).

I have had good experience with 0.x style before the 1.0, but it does
require some planning and discipline to get there, or else you wind up
asymptotically approaching 1.0, castor style - e.g.  0.99943 :)

The problem I found with calling everything "1.0 Mx" is that (to me
anyway) having a "1.0" as part of the version represents that it's
'near' to 1.0.  And if that's the case, call it "alpha", "beta" or "RC",
which gives a better sense of where you are in the plan, rather than an
open-ended sequence like "1.0 M27"

Just my $0.02, and I'm just a 'customer', so do what makes you happy.


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