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From "Mosur Ravi, Balaji" <>
Subject RE: Board Report
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2006 13:15:51 GMT
Status Report:

This is the first quarterly report of Yoko. Our goal for this project
was to provide a light weight ORB implementation, an RMI implementation
& also web services capabilities for the CORBA clients & servers.

We have completed most of the work for having a fully functional ORB &
there have been interest among other projects to use Yoko in their
projects. We are planning to start a vote for our first milestone
release shortly. 

Our objective for the next quarter is to work on further increasing the
visibility of the project, attracting additional contributors, and
growing the active community of developers around it.

Does this work for everyone? If so, I will go ahead & add it to the

- Balaji

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From: Mosur Ravi, Balaji 
Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006 7:24 PM
Subject: RE: Board Report

I can take a first cut at it... Is there any example/template that I can



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From: Alan D. Cabrera [] 
Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006 7:14 PM
Subject: Board Report

I think that this is our month to report.  Does someone want to take a 
crack at it?


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