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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Publish Yoko M1 release
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2006 20:14:45 GMT
On Tuesday August 08 2006 3:43 pm, Alan D. Cabrera wrote:
> > Maven uses the dependency set to generate the jar... Take a look at the
> > bottom of the pom.xml in the distribution module.
> It needs to be versioned like the rest of the jars.  

Why?    Having it UNVERSIONED in the distribution makes it MUCH better for 
writing the wsdltojava shell/bat files and such.    Note: when you run "maven 
deploy" it WILL get versioned before sticking it in the repository.   It's 
just in the binary distribution where it appears that way.  (and projects 
that don't use maven don't normally have versioned jars, thus it should be OK 
to be in the distribution that way)     The main thing is if the version is 
in there, then the wsdltoidl scripts and such (that don't exist yet) would 
have to be updated with every version number change which can be a pain.  
(although maven could be configured to filter them) 

> It also needs the 
> Notices etc.  As a mater of fact, all our jars need them.  I notice that
> they do not.

That's a separate issue.    However, in this case, there isn't any Apache IP 
in the jar.  I'm not sure if the notice is really needed.    It doesn't hurt 
to add it though.

J. Daniel Kulp
Principal Engineer
P: 781-902-8727    C: 508-380-7194   F:781-902-8001

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