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From "Nolan, Edell" <>
Subject RE: Using Yoko in Apache Harmony
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2006 08:37:14 GMT

We have setup some pages on the yoko with regards to different project
requirements and what they will use Yoko for (Uses Cases). 

When you get a chance could you add some information about Harmnony.
There is already some information there on Geromimo. This might help the
Yoko team and highlight what Yoko is being used for in different

Thanks, Edell. 

Comment -line.

-----Original Message-----
From: Alexey Petrenko [] 
Sent: 26 July 2006 07:55
Subject: Re: Using Yoko in Apache Harmony

2006/7/26, Anders Hessellund Jensen <>:
> Alexey Petrenko wrote:
> > If not then I got few questions/suggestions...
> > 1. Which of the jars produced by Yoko build are more suitable for 
> > our needs? I'm looking on yoko-core...
> In addition you would probably want the yoko-rmi module, which 
> implements the stuff in javax.rmi and javax.rmi.CORBA .
I've just checked Harmony sources... We got 2 java.rmi implementations
:) But there is no javax.rmi...


> In addition you would probably want an IDL compiler. Work on this has 
> not started yet.
Yep, I've seen corresponding Yoko issue.

> > 3. Yoko has more packages in org.omg then specified in 1.5 spec. Is 
> > it possible to produce a special jar for Harmony without those
> > :)
> As I understand it, the 1.5 spec requires CORBA version 2.3.1 + a few 
> additions from later releases. Yoko implements CORBA version 2.4 (i 
> think). It is currently not possible to run Yoko using version 2.3 of 
> the CORBA spec.

=> the Corba Version supports Corba 2.6 as far as I know.

> Would it be OK (from a Harmony standpoint) to provide a higher level 
> of CORBA support than the spec requires? Provided, of course, that it 
> is fully backwards compatible?
We should discuss that on harmony-dev.

> > 4. Are you planing to put some prebuilt jars to your site? M1 
> > release for example... We think that the best way for us will be to 
> > download a prebuilt Yoko jar and put it into our deploy directory.
> A M1 milestone is on the way.
And will you put some prebuilt jar to your site? :)

> Does Harmony have any requirements regarding the dependencies we add 
> to yoko? For example, the yoko-rmi module currently requires apache
I think there will be no problem with this. We already have some
dependencies with the projects with compatible licences.

SY, Alexey

Alexey A. Petrenko
Intel Middleware Products Division

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