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From Anders Hessellund Jensen <>
Subject Re: Specs, IDL compiler thoughts
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 07:22:46 GMT
I have created a spec module that seems to work with both Geronimo and Yoko.

The spec is not entirely compiled from IDL. There would be too much work 
involved in doing that. Instead, I have included the org.omg.* files 
from Yoko and added the security related stuff from the geronimo, which 
is compiled from IDL.

Does anyone have a problem with this approach? - If i don't hear any 
complaints I'll check it in.

I have a Maven related problem though. It is necessary that the spec is 
on the class path as an "endorsed standard" - see . This has been 
discussed on this list before. Previously, this was solved like this:


Unfortunately, when the spec is separate, i don't know what to do. Is 
there a ${path-to-m2-repo} or something like that which can be used? 
Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any such variable in maven.

It would be highly desirable if maven supported endorsed standards 
properly. It does not seem a trivial task to add this support, however.


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