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From "Alan D. Cabrera" <>
Subject Re: Test failure and hang building latest code
Date Sat, 03 Jun 2006 19:44:03 GMT

Daniel Kulp wrote:
> Balaji started working a little bit on this this morning and ran into some 
> snags.    I'm not sure how far he got, but it MAY not be possible with 
> the way the Maven surefire plugin works.    If you look at the code for 
> java.rmi.RMIClassLoader, the initialize method does:
> 		Class providerClass =
> 		    Class.forName(providerClassName, false,
> 				  ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader());
> Thus, the class has to be on the SYSTEM classpath, it doesn't use any type 
> of context classloader.   When maven "forks" surefire, it sets a system 
> classpath that ONLY contains the Surefire stuff which then loads the 
> project classpath in an internal classloader.
> Anyway, the code probably works, but I'm not sure how to get surefire to 
> actually use it.   We MAY need to put just that class in a separate jar 
> and maybe add a "<argLine>-Xbootclasspath/p:thatjar</argLine>"  section 
> to the surefire config.  (requires forking be turned on)    I'm not 
> really sure yet.
Yeah, need to have forking turned in, IIUC. 


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