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From Anders Hessellund Jensen <>
Subject CORBA specs module
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 10:17:20 GMT
We need a seperate module for the org.omg.* stuff. Geronimo needs a 
working copy of this module.

I put quite a lot of effort into creating a CORBA 3.0 spec using the 
JacORB compiler. Unfortunately this didn't end very well, the spec 
classes generated by JacORB ended up causing NullPointerExceptions, and 
the Geronimo project reverted to an older spec.

For starters, I think we should simply throw all the org.omg.* classes 
into a separate module. We don't have a IDL to JAVA compiler yet, so we 
can't compile the IDL files without relying on a 3rd party compiler. 
Suns idlj compiler is not CORBA 3.0 compliant, so we will not be able to 
compile the CORBA 3.0 specs with idlj. JacORB is not CORBA 3.0 compliant 
either, and is furthermore causing those NPEs.

Unless I hear any complaints, I'll start moving the org.omg.* stuff to a 
separate package. I think we want the CORBA spec in Yokos SVN 
repository, not in Geronimos. Does anyone disagree with this?

Best regards,

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