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From Anders Hessellund Jensen <>
Subject Re: Logging
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 07:49:01 GMT
We need to reach a consensus on the logging approach we are going to use.

The most popular suggestions for logging seems to be these:

- JDK logging but with a LoggerFactory instead of calling 
Logger.getLogger directly (Dan's proposal). This should allow us to 
create a log4j wrapper or something else.

- Write our own logging interface.

- Use monitors, in combination with our own logging interface

- Use SLF4J.

Personally i think monitors could be very useful, but only for events 
that alter the state of the orb. I don't see why another application 
would want to monitor our low-level log messages. I think we should try 
to implement monitors when we know what sort of changes we want to monitor.

SLF4J would work for me, although I don't like adding a dependency on an 
external project.

Writing our own (simple) logging interface which allows plugging in JDK 
logging and log4j would also work for me.

Using JDK logging with a LoggerFactory to support wrappers would work 
for me too.

So JDK logging with a LoggerFactory or writing our own logging interface 
would both get a +1 from me. SLF4J would get a +0. Using monitors for 
daily logging gets a -1 from me, but as I understood Dain that was not 
his intention either.

Best regards,

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