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From Lars K├╝hne <>
Subject Re: Logging
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2006 04:02:51 GMT
Darren Middleman wrote:

>Did we ever reach a final consensus on what approach to take with logging?
>It seemed from the previous threads that there was sstill disagreement on
>which logging system to use.  Now that we are moving ahead with the
>development of bindings, tools, etc. for yoko, it would be nice to come to a
>final agreement so that we know where to go from here.
>>>From my perspective, since parts of the Yoko project will be based on apis
>and runtimes from the Celtix project (namely the bindings and tools), it
>would be desirable to continue using the logging that is used in Celtix, in
>other words, JDK logging.   This should allow for the easiest integration
>between the various Yoko components and the Celtix components Yoko will be

-1 for using JDK logging directly

I detailed this in my earlier messages, the short version is that most 
people use/want/need log4j. Those people include myself for my apps at 
work. Since Geronimo uses commons logging I assume that G won't easily 
be able drop support for log4j either, but Geronimo commiters might have 
more details on that.


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