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From Lars Kühne <>
Subject Re: coding standard and logging
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 04:30:08 GMT
Alan D. Cabrera wrote:

> Lars Kühne wrote, On 4/4/2006 4:05 PM:
>> Nolan, Edell wrote:
>>> 2) The last email for the logging - is below
>>> We could use the LogUtils class from celtix which is using the 
>>> jdk1.5 logging.
>> I think there was strong opposition against JDK logging because 
>> people love log4j. I think the consensus was to define our own logger 
>> interface and inject that in ORB.init().
> What are our target JDK versions again?  Do we start w/ JDK14 or 
> JDK13?  I am of the opinion that we use the vanilla logger for JDK14 
> or, if we start w/ JDK13, log4j.  In either case I do not see the need 
> for a specialized logger interface that's injected; I'm interested in 
> hearing opinion on this.

JDK 1.3 will be end-of-lifed by Sun this summer, so I think we should 
ignore it.

Re logging, where I work we use log4j on JDK 1.4. I think that is a 
pretty common scenario, and using vanilla j.u.logging will not integrate 
well with the rest of our apps. If you want to support both you either 
have to use some logger abstraction, and a logger interface is the best 
abstraction I can come up with.

Re minimum JDK: I would like to also bring JDK 1.5 into the picture, but 
maybe that should go into another thread.


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