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From Lars Kühne <>
Subject Re: logging
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2006 22:02:39 GMT
Dain Sundstrom wrote:

> On Mar 12, 2006, at 12:30 AM, Lars Kühne wrote:
>> Like most people these days, I like dependency injection, and this  
>> is what the current code does. Why not stick with it and just  change 
>> the current Logger interface a bit (e.g. don't make it a  CORBA 
>> object, add isDebugEnabled(), etc.)?
> I think projects should avoid logging entirely.  The problem with  
> logging is the information that comes out of it is useless to other  
> software because it is encoded into user readable strings.  IMHO, the  
> best policy is to use a Monitor.  For example see the following XBean  
> Monitors:
> main/java/org/apache/xbean/kernel/ServiceMonitor.javahttp:// 
> java/org/apache/xbean/kernel/
> These interfaces are incredibly useful when testing, XBean because I  
> can now have direct access to exceptions and other detailed  
> information that otherwise would be encoded into a string.  For a  
> normal running server, we will simply convert the monitor events to  
> (localized) strings and log them using what ever logging system  
> people want.

Looks nice.

> The problem with monitors is they take a lot more thought and effort  
> to design and code, and I personally don't use them in most cases.  I  
> did in the XBean kernel because I think the kernel interfaces are  
> critical to the success of the project.

It would be *much* more difficult for an ORB implementation, because the 
system is so much bigger than XBean.

> For most day to day code, I suggest we create our own Log interface 
> which is injected into the components.  


> [...]  MX4J has it's own interface which is very close to CL, but it 
> is easy to work with because you  can easily install any implementation.

Yeah, very similar to the Avalon Logger interface OpenORB uses:

The only thing that is really missing in Avalon is trace(), and maybe we 
should allow logging Objects or Serializables instead of Strings.


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