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From "Michael Turyn" <>
Subject Bridge abstract superclass
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2006 15:36:21 GMT
"Right governance begins with the proper naming of things," ---K'ung

I named AbstractBlackBoxWidgetBridge that way because
1.) It was to be a powerful but abstract superclass
2.) ...for widget bridges...
3.) ...which was to be free of direct method call on the widgets---I had
had a lot of trouble adapting Dojo bridges to the extant bridges code
because the latter embodied assumptions about methods on the widget
peers---I wanted to create something that other bridges could refer to
without needing the know anything about the peer, hence the "Black Box".

Accurate, but ungainly; anyone have a better choice, or think the
current one's good enough?  

I'd vote for "AbstractWidgetBridge".

Also:  the method that formerly always created a peer, "createPeer", now
doesn't always do so---for example it often calls "obtainPeer" which
either creates a new peer (the Dojo widget bridges) or resolves an
extant one (e.g., an HTML dom node, or the as-yet unchecked-in
ExternalWidgetBridge).  I'd like to rename it to something like
"setupPeer".  Any opinions?

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