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From Scott Wilson <>
Subject Re: Extending widgets towards Inter-Widget-Communication
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2012 12:56:16 GMT

On 5 Jul 2012, at 13:20, Ross Gardler wrote:

> On 5 July 2012 13:07, Olexiy Chudnovskyy
> <> wrote:
>> Hi Scott & Ross,
>> here is the source code of our prototype and a tutorial to get it running:
> Thanks. I'll take a look ASAP, but since I'm about to hit the road for
> a couple of weeks it won't be soon.
>> I like Scott's idea on "IWC Enchancer" add-on, which is completely decoupled
>> from a concrete widget container instance. This is definitely a cleaner
>> solution.
>> Another scenario is, however, extension of an already deployed widget. Or do
>> you think this situation is rather unusual?
> There are at least three ways of thinking about this scenario:
> - have a standalone enhancer that understands the Wookie API - request
> the .wgt file, enhance, re-submit it
> - embed the enhancer within Wookie for tight integration
> These two approaches are not necessarily mutually exclusive. If the
> enhancer is capable of working stand-alone then it can also be
> included in a Wookie distribution and installed without user
> intervention, along with a suitable interface for accessing it.
> However, bear in mind that the admin UI in Wookie has been removed.
> The current goal of Wookie is to ensure the API is fully functional so
> that third parties can build admin UIs specific to their needs. We
> have discussed the idea of providing a set of admin widgets but nobody
> currently has that high enough on their task list.
> Furthermore, by decoupling the enhancer from Wookie you are opening up
> the potential for the enhancer to be extended to work with other
> gadget/widget specs if that becomes an strong enough itch for someone.
> This would suggest to me that the standalone system accessing Wookie
> through the API would be the best approach. If the interface can
> become a widget then all the better (note Scott did some
> experimentation with admin widgets).
> However, by suggesting this path I am not intending to imply we don't
> want it here in the Wookie project. I'd be +1 to making it a
> subproject here. If it ever grows up to work with other kinds of
> gadgets then it could become a TLP in its own right, but while it
> focusses on Wookie APIs and widgets it makes sense for it to be a
> sub-project.

+1 I think the enhancer would make a good subproject, I like the idea of potentially supporting
other widget types, plus it would be good to have different options for which IWC solution
to enhance the widget with (OpenAjax, Role/XMPP, PostMessage etc).

Currently we have some sub-projects in the Wookie trunk, and these are built and deployed
in the standard distribution - would this work for the enhancer too, or should we create a
directory at the top level, e.g. /incubator/wookie/enhancer/trunk ? 


> Ross

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