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From Scott Wilson <>
Subject Re: Incubator PMC/Board report for August 2011 (
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2011 08:01:12 GMT
... and here is a first stab at the content.


Wookie is a Java server application that allows you to upload and deploy widgets for your
applications. Wookie is based on the W3C Widgets specification, but widgets can also be included
that use extended APIs such as Google Wave Gadgets and OpenSocial.

Wookie has been incubating since 17th July 2009

Since May 2011:
     * Release 0.9 put out for vote
     * Published a new CMS website with more documentation
     * Achieved 100% Conformance to the W3C Widget Packaging & Configuration specification
     * Achieved 97% Conformance to the W3C Widgets Interface specification
     * Added a Scratchpad area for experimental widgets and features
     * Explored with Apache Rave(incubating) community and Wookie community members idea of
separate common "widget store" for handling metadata and discovery of widgets. Rough consensus
was to develop separately for now, identify potential for merging later. Community members
associated with two EU-funded projects (ROLE and ITEC) have been developing Wookie-based widget
stores, and we hope to get their code submissions to kickstart this work.
     * Many bug fixes and updates to main code branch
     * Community members working on integrating W3C Widget support into Apache Rave (incubating)
     * Community members exploring Apache Amber (incubating) for oAuth support within Wookie

Next steps:
     * Finish 0.9.0 release and move onto a 0.9.1 release
     * Continue to work and liase with Apache Rave project
     * Continue exploration of using Apache Amber for oAuth support within Wookie
     * Create a new "widget store" sub-project, bringing in code submissions from ROLE and
ITEC projects

Issues before graduation:
     * complete first release
     * build community/expand user base

On 1 Aug 2011, at 15:00, wrote:

> Dear Wookie Developers,
> This email was sent by an automated system on behalf of the Apache Incubator PMC.
> It is an initial reminder to give you plenty of time to prepare your quarterly
> board report.
> The board meeting is scheduled for  Wed, 17 August 2011, 10 am Pacific. The report 
> for your podling will form a part of the Incubator PMC report. The Incubator PMC 
> requires your report to be submitted one week before the board meeting, to allow 
> sufficient time for review.
> Please submit your report with sufficient time to allow the incubator PMC, and 
> subsequently board members to review and digest. Again, the very latest you 
> should submit your report is one week prior to the board meeting.
> Thanks,
> The Apache Incubator PMC
> Submitting your Report
> ----------------------
> Your report should contain the following:
> * Your project name
> * A brief description of your project, which assumes no knowledge of the project
>   or necessarily of its field
> * A list of the three most important issues to address in the move towards 
>   graduation.
> * Any issues that the Incubator PMC or ASF Board might wish/need to be aware of
> * How has the community developed since the last report
> * How has the project developed since the last report.
> This should be appended to the Incubator Wiki page at:
> Note: This manually populated. You may need to wait a little before this page is
>      created from a template.
> Mentors
> -------
> Mentors should review reports for their project(s) and sign them off on the 
> Incubator wiki page. Signing off reports shows that you are following the 
> project - projects that are not signed may raise alarms for the Incubator PMC.
> Incubator PMC

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