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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Wookie gadget "store" moved to Rave?
Date Tue, 17 May 2011 00:40:15 GMT
My initial proposal (below) has been well received and has prompted some 
very encouraging discussion about a potential widgetstore sub-project.

I have modified the proposal to include the clarifications and 
discussion in this thread and elsewhere and posted it to the Rave 
project [1] for discussion.

Assuming it is well received over there too I'll bring it to a vote here 
since it is a pretty major change for Wookie.



On 10/05/2011 16:17, Ross Gardler wrote:
> I'd like to propose that some of the code here in Wookie be moved over
> to Apache Rave (Incubating). I feel that it is more likely to be
> maintained and enhanced there. The code in question is present in Wookie
> in order to make Wookie usable, but it is not (IMHO) part of the core
> objective of Wookie.
> If my proposal is accepted it will mean that Wookie would not carry any
> UI code. Instead it would focus on providing a server for the management
> of widget instances. This would not change the headline goal of Wookie
> ("Apache Wookie is a Java server application that allows you to upload
> and deploy widgets for your applications").
> The issue I'd like to discuss in this thread is just where the split
> between Rave and Wookie lies. Since Rave is starting from a blank slate
> it makes sense to do this here and then discuss our conclusions with the
> Rave project.
> Rationale
> =========
> Apache Rave (Incubating) [1] is developing an OpenSocial Gadget
> potrtal-like framework. It is stated that it is intended to also support
> W3C Widgets. Scott and myself are involved with both the Wookie and Rave
> projects.
> Wookie is focussed on providing a server based environment for the
> hosting of Widgets and Gadgets. It provides the necessary infrastructure
> for clients to request a widget/gadget instance (or a wgt package if
> appropriate). It also provides a persistence layer so that
> widgets/gadgets can store preference values. Wookie does not concern
> itself with the rendering of those widgets/gadgets.
> Rave is a server that focusses on the provision of user interfaces built
> from widgets/gadgets. It provides UI features for end users to configure
> their portal pages. It does not concern itself with how a widget/gadget
> is hosted, instead it seeks to leverage OpenSocial for gadgets and,
> potentially, Wookie for Widgets.
> These two applications overlap at the point of the "widget/gadget
> store". Wookie provides a basic UI for the administration of a store,
> but also exposes an API to manage this store. Wookie also provides a
> very basic interface (and functional API) for the creation of
> widget/gadget instances.
> Proposal
> ========
> Wookie should deprecate all UI code and provide integration with Rave,
> thereby allowing Rave to host W3C Widgets as well as OpenSocial gadgets.
> Our UI will no longer be interactive. All administration activities will
> be carried out via a command line application, interfacing with Wookie
> via the REST API. We may choose to provide text based output from this
> API, although I would suggest an XSL transformation of the XML responses
> from the API would be most appropriate as this will allow data to be
> retrieved in multiple formats (CSV, text, HTML etc.)
> We should also focus on development of appropriate connectors so that
> Wookie widgets/gadgets are presented as part of multiple hosting
> environments. Our primary focus will be the Java connector which will be
> used to provide full integration with Rave.
> If the Rave team so desire they can adopt the API defined by our Java
> Connector to allow swappable replacement of widget servers (OpenSocial
> and Wookie being the obvious choices at this point).
> We should offer all UI code in Wookie to Rave as a starting point for
> their "Gadget Store". I imagine that the majority of this code will be
> re-written by the Rave team to suit their local needs. However, I also
> imagine that the work they do will greatly enhance the work we have done
> here and, for those people who need a stand alone administration UI for
> Wookie we can point them towards Rave.
> Thoughts?
> Ross
> [1]

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