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From Paul Sharples <>
Subject Re: Licenses for the WAR and standalone builds
Date Mon, 16 May 2011 10:56:46 GMT
On 11/05/2011 15:39, Paul Sharples wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've spent some considerable time going through the library 
> dependencies of wookie.  After looking at WOOKIE-198, I realised there 
> were a bunch of other libs that were being added to the builds that we 
> had not initially accounted for.  In a normal setup on our machines, 
> these jars are hidden away under cache folder under 'user/home'. 
> However, some of those jars are needed as part of an actual build.
> I've tried to find the corresponding licenses for them all (not all of 
> the ones in the cache, just the ones in the actual build).  As the 
> standalone and war builds contain these additional jars (but not the 
> source build as is), I have created a separate 
> "etc/release/RUNTIME_LICENSE" file in a similar format to the top 
> level LICENSE file.  The idea is that the ant build-release task will 
> copy this file over for the standalone and war builds.  (Note: Please 
> look in the 0.9.0 branch for these updates, not the trunk)
> Can I ask someone who is license savvy to look over this file, as 
> there are a few new licenses in there which I am not sure are 
> compatible to use?

Just bumping this message.  If no one has any issues with these new 
additional licenses, I will make another RC build this week.

> thanks
> Paul

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