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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [jira] [Updated] (WOOKIE-181) Test Release
Date Sun, 03 Apr 2011 23:12:48 GMT
Replying to list so we can decide whether we want to fix or open a new 
issues for each item (thanks for being more thorough than me Ate - seems 
I was lax because I'm hacking on Wookie).

On 03/04/2011 20:34, Ate Douma (JIRA) wrote:
> * Standalone (embedded Jetty + Derby) using ./ (after $chmod +x *.sh):
> - Most interaction tests pass, but Widget API Tester fails on "access attribute:name"
and "access attribute:description" (marked red)

I'm not sure about this one.

> - Refreshing the Widget API Tester causes the following error displayed in the browser:
>      Persistence_commit_exception_caught_for_transaction_orgapachewookiebeansutilPersistenceCommitException_Transaction_commit_exception_openjpa200r422266935683_fatal_store_error_orgapacheopenjpapersistenceRollbackException_The_transaction_has_been_rolled_back__See_the_nested_exceptions_for_details_on_the_errors_that_occurred_FailedObject_orgapachewookiebeansjpaimplPreferenceImpl6815a68d

I beleive this is a known issue:

This is an intermittent problem introduced with the JPA conversion. It 
has been resolved in trunk. The fix is currently turned off by default 
pending code review and thorough testing under load.

Since the team seem to want to continue with the 0.9 release and follow 
quickly with a 0.9.1 release I'd suggest we can probably leave this in 
the release. It only affects widgets that setPreferences, and even then 
only intermittently.

> - stopping standalone and run ./ again: all previously deployed widgets are
"gone" except the "unsupported widget" widget
>    ->  standalone is not repeatable runnable

That sounds like we have initDB set to true (which is the default in 
src). We probably want this to be false in the release. I've opened an 
issue for this one and added a test to our test script. Good catch Ate.

(committer only, CMS is not yet live site)

> * Running war distribution in own container:
> - README.txt is incomplete:
>    - it doesn't explain a is auto-created (in my case under
$CATALINA_HOME/bin) which needs to be updated to specify widget.persistence.manager.dbtype=mysql5
(if using mysql)
>      without the above, wookie won't start up

Added as

> - I would prefer it if a derby configuration could be provided without having to download/configure
mysql first like as with the standalone package, or at least provide instructions how to do

I've not test the WAR version, but we certainly don't want people to 
downlaod mySQL when there is no need to (or have I misunderstood something?)

> - running in tomcat 6.0.32:
>    - works mostly fine like with the standalone but again with same failures on the API
Test widget:
>      - refresh now causes "Internal Server Error" to be displayed

Can someone look into this?

> - running in tomcat 7.0.11:
>    - causes a "Session Error" dialog to be displayed for each widget on the page during
loading, repeated after a page refresh

Hmmm... that doesn't sound good.

> Concerning the release distributions:
> - source distribution:
>    - connector/java and parser/java folders:
>      - contain both build and dist folders not contained in the svn source tree
>      - build folders contain (duplicated) .java src files as well as corresponding .class
>      - dist folders contain maven project files (poms) not in svn as well as pre-build

Sounds like a badly configured build file or something strange on the 
build machine.

Added as

>    - many files don't have the required license-headers, especially most .js and .xml
>      the rules from needs to be followed

I've not done a licence check yet, other than to look at RAT

>    - I ran apache-rat-0.7 in the source distribution root folder using $java -jar /opt/apache-rat-0.7/apache-rat-0.7.jar
.>  rat.log
>      The attached rat.log file shows all files which do not yet have an appropriate license-header
or otherwise should be (explicitly) excluded from reporting upon
>      My suggestion is to incorporate apache-rat in the ant/ivy build configuration using
the apache-rat ant-tasks so the appropriate configuration and exclusions can be setup and
managed from the build

RAT is already configured and run regularly - Cheking this report 
is already part of the documented release process - see

It would make sense to incorporate in the build, but the above page 
should have caught any errors before the RC was built.

>    - NOTICE file seems pretty good maintained although I haven't yet checked/validated
all and every additional external license usage

I also need to check this.

>    - several duplicate jar artifacts are bundled in the source distribution under /ant/lib
and /parser/java/ant/lib: maybe only one /ant/lib folder should suffice?

Added to Wookie-199 9above)

> - standalone and war distribution:
>    - both contain a pre-build wookieJavaConnector-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar and wookieW3CParser-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
>      - neither of these artifacts contain the required NOTICE and LICENSE files
>      - how is version management for these two artifacts "managed" and related to the
whole of the Wookie release
>      - although this is not a maven based release, -SNAPSHOT versioned artifacts are
considered unreliable by definition

Good spot, technically these are separate releases and need to be 
handled appropriately. SNAPSHOT in this context is the same as in Maven 
world (IVY uses Maven repos).

Added as

>    - the war artifact within the war distribution itself also should have the required

Added to

> - all:
>    - An Incubator disclaimer is required to be provided in every distribution, in the

Already noted by Luciano in

>    - Preferably also a RELEASE_NOTES is provided, detailing the version of the release,
issues fixed and possible known issues pertaining this release

Yes, this is in the release process, not sure why that's missing.

Added to

So, in summary there is quite a bit to do on this release before we have 
checked the legal stuff.

Do you still want to do this one and follow quickly with a 0.9.1 or 
rebuild from trunk for 0.9.0?

The disadvantage of doing a 0.9.0 from trunk is that we will need to 
wait for people to find time to test again, if we fix these issues and 
backport to the 0.9.0 branch then testing will be quicker and thus the 
release will be out sooner.


>> Test Release
>> ------------
>>                  Key: WOOKIE-181
>>                  URL:
>>              Project: Wookie
>>           Issue Type: Task
>>     Affects Versions: 0.9.0
>>             Reporter: Scott Wilson
>>              Fix For: 0.9.0
>>          Attachments: rat.log
>> Report test results below in the comments for release candidates for 0.9.0. See
>> Please include:
>> Server OS:
>> Client OS:
>> Server and Client separate machines?:
>> Servlet Engine:
>> Java version:
>> Browser:
>> Browser version:
>> Tested with Shindig integration?:
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