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From Alexandre Mazari <>
Subject GObject port of W3C Widget parser
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2011 10:02:12 GMT
Hi there !

I'd like to inform you about the Vala/GObject port of the W3C Widgets
parser I am currently working on.
This port will allow the use of the parser within "native"
applications. I choosed Vala for the similarity of its syntax with
This is straight port using
 * libxml2 for parsing instead of JDOM
 * glib/gio GFile for file handling instead of
 * libuuid for GUID generation instead of the custom code found in
 * libsoup for HTTP client instead of apache commons

I was wondering if such a port is fine by you, and what are my
obligations regarding licencing : should the code stay Apache licenced
? If so, is it ok to depends on LGPL libraries ? Will it be legally
usable by GPL-licenced applications ?

Anyway, thanks for your great work, it saved me tons of time !


Alexandre Mazari

"If you open your mind too much, you brain will fall out"
Tim Minchin

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