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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Demo widget for 2 different apps
Date Fri, 09 Apr 2010 12:16:46 GMT
On 09/04/2010 12:53, Scott Wilson wrote:
> On 9 Apr 2010, at 11:44, REID Ray wrote:
>> Hi All,
> Hi Ray,
>> I was wondering if anyone knew of a widget which I could use which
>> would jointly work in two different applications (such as elgg&
>> moodle), in order for us to demo to our managers the potential of
>> using a Wookie server, so we can spend time developing our own
>> widgets.
> All widgets served from one Wookie install can be delivered to all
> applications with an API key for it; I'm guessing that may be what
> you're looking for is a widget that operates  across both Elgg and
> Moodle with a shared context? For example, a chat widget for a course
> that has the same conversation in the relevant spaces in Elgg and
> Moodle?
> In which case there is some info here under "sharing widgets across
> applications":

As Scott says all widgets will work in multiple supported platforms.

You can see them in action at [1] by clicking on the "demo" link on each 

There are a few demo widgets that will show updates across those 
platforms too, that is, an update on one widget instance will display on 
the other, regardless of hosting platform.

Interesting multi-user widgets include "natter" (a chat widget) and 
ShareDraw (a very simple drawing app). The demo page shows you how they 
would work if implemented in different platforms.

>> We've written up instructions on how to install a Wookie server on
>> Glassfish, if this is of any use to you, let me know, as well as
>> where would be best to put it.
> That would be a great resource to put on the wiki. I reckon the best
> place to add a link would be here:

Or even better still, add your documenttion to a new page in the wiki 
where we can encourage others to maintain it with you.


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