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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Wookie IP clearance
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2009 20:15:54 GMT
The legal paperwork is underway and we hope to have the necessary CLAs
on file soon.

Scott Wilson has reviewed the full code base and identified a few
conrtibutions from people other than the the 3 initial committers. One
is from the University of Bolton and thus will be covered by the
Universities CCLA. I've asked Scott to see if he can get a iCLA on
file anyway.

A second set of contributions came from a partner in the TenCompetence
project (the EC funded project which spawned Wookie). I have examined
the collaboration agreement signed by these partners and am satisfied
that there are no complications. in particular it contains:

"The Parties agree to disseminate and distribute their products widely
and for free using OSI certified Open Source licenses and Creative
Common licenses. To avoid a conflict of interests between Open Source
and Proprietary Approaches any use of Pre-existing Know-How (know-how
and software), will be strictly done:

   * in good faith that it will not prevent the creation of a final
system which can work without being depending on the Pre-existing
Know-how and its licenses; or
   * to explore as a test case on how Pre-existing Know-how can be
integrated as an optional component."

I therefore do not believe there is a need for a CCLA from the
contributors institution, but have requested that permission to
relicence under the Apache Software License be sought, preferably in
the form of an ICLA (the code is currently under the MIT licence).

As previously posted the final concern is with respect to the
RandomGUID class, this has now been resolved.

If anyone feels further actions are required now is the time to speak
up, otherwise we will proceed as above.


Ross Gardler

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