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From Scott Wilson <>
Subject Progress on IP issues and code preparation
Date Sun, 26 Jul 2009 08:25:48 GMT
Here's an update on progress on outstanding items:

1. Incompatibly-licensed dependencies

These have been removed from the repository; I've added properties in  
build.xml that the developer will need to set to identify where these  
are located to build and deploy wookie. Also put a note in the README  
about these. Kris is putting a checking stage into the build.

2.  Plugins

We haven't touched these in the repo; I suggest we just don't move  
them into the incubator SVN but move them into "wookie extras" when we  
get that set up. The rails plugin is actually a bit out of date  
anyway, it would probably be easier to start again with current rails  
and current wookie.

3. Widgets

Removed Apple JS libs from the repo;
Added Creole.js to licenses/all_licenses.txt (and inside the  
config.xml "license" element for WookieWiki.wgt)
Added JQuery to licenses/all_licenses.txt
Replaced the Skype emoticons in Natter with some CC-BY licensed ones  
and added attribution & license in the config.xml "license" element
TODO: contact Wave team re sample code in Sudoku & Poetry gadgets

I think we should go with Ross's suggestion and leave waveword out as  
it could have legal issues. However we can reuse the turn-based-wave- 
games JS lib I created for it for something less problematic in  
future. For now I've left it in repo, but we should make sure we don't  
copy it over into the incubator SVN.

4. Packaging

Moved all packages to org.apache.wookie
TODO change all the src headers to use apache 2.0 license

5. CLAs

I faxed mine in on Friday, I presume Paul and Kris are on the case  
with theirs. I'll chase the University of Bolton CCLA tomorrow.
TODO contact Stef and Phil


On 21 Jul 2009, at 23:37, Ross Gardler wrote:

> 2009/7/21 Scott Wilson <>:
>> On 21 Jul 2009, at 22:20, Ross Gardler wrote:
>>> Whilst we are waiting for the relevant legal documents to be filed
>>> perhaps the Wookie team would like to prepare the code for import.
>>> There are four incompatibly licensed dependencies (assuming the  
>>> notice
>>> file is up to date):
>>>    c3p0
>>>    Java Transactions API
>>>    MySQL Connector
>>>    Hibernate
>>> These cannot be brought in to ASF infrastructure and thus must be
>>> removed from the repository and build instructions updated
>>> accordingly. We'll have to replace these dependencies during
>>> incubation. I note that during the proposal stage Scott mentioned  
>>> that
>>> moving to CouchDB might make sense. we can explore this once the
>>> initial code import is complete.
>> Removing Hibernate+MySQL+c3p0+JTA will require a bit of a rethink  
>> on the ORM
>> front - maybe we can use OpenJPA, or just get rid of ORM and use  
>> plain JDBC
>> & SQL. CouchDB could be interesting for the actual widget instance
>> preference and state data.
>> However its a fair chunk of work removing these dependencies - is  
>> it best if
>> we fix these outside the incubator and then move the code when its  
>> working,
>> or submit the code as-is but with just the libraries and build info  
>> removed
>> (i.e., not working) and then fix it in the incubator?
> The problem is not that your code depends on them, it is that because
> of the licence incompatibilities we cannot distribute from ASF
> infrastructure. So there is no need to break things completely. I
> recommend:
> - Remove the libs.
> - Add a step to the build instructions saying the libs need to be
> manually downloaded and placed in the lib directory
> - make build.xml check for their existence and failing with a  
> sensible message
> This means that anyone building Wookie will be aware that there are
> licence incompatibilities and must act accordingly if they
> redistribute. In other words, there are no hidden surprises in our
> distribution.
>>> Since my initial evaluation of the code I have identified a few  
>>> other
>>> potential conflicts:
>>> I am unsure of our ability to Apache License the Moodle, Elgg and
>>> Wordpress plugins since each of these containers is GPL and I have  
>>> no
>>> idea if the viral nature of the GPL is invoked by these plugins.  
>>> It is
>>> a contentious issue. The FSF general claim that modules are  
>>> "touched"
>>> by the GPL whereas Linux says they are not (and I'd suggest that  
>>> Linux
>>> Kernel modules are closer to the GPL code than a typical Moodle  
>>> plugin
>>> for example).
>> I think its a reasonable question to ask whether the Apache Wookie  
>> project
>> should include the plugins, or just the engine. If not the plugins  
>> could be
>> handled outside in a separate project, or (my preference, but  
>> difficult in
>> practice) they can be taken on by the container projects themselves.
> The rails one can certainly come into the ASF and would act as an
> example. I'd like to see a project socialsite and/or Wicket and/or
> roller plugin developed pretty quickly as examples. I'll return to the
> other plugins at the end of this mail.
>>> I also note that there is some code from Apple which is not under a
>>> licence I am familiar with. See
>>> I'm also not sure about the widgets in
>>> I'm pretty sure the code for (at least some of) these come from the
>>> Google Wave project, what licence are they under and do they contain
>>> any code from other third parties.
>> The Apple files included in shared/mac-resources can be removed -  
>> this was a
>> convenience for when running converted Apple Dashboard during early  
>> testing,
>> but isn't appropriate for inclusion now.
> OK. That's a simple solution then.
>> Looking at the Widgets in the /widgets folder:
>> * WookieWiki.wgt uses Creole.js, which uses an MIT-style license.
> MIT is fine - but you may need to add an entry to the NOTICE file.
>> * Sudoku.wgt uses some Google JS code which has no identifiable  
>> license.
> Assuming this is the code from the wave API samples I'd suggest a mail
> to the API group asking them to clarify the license situation. Almost
> certainly they will put it under a permissive licence since it is
> sample code.
> Can you, or one of the committers please follow this up.
>> * WaveWord.wgt uses some code from
>> of indeterminate  
>> license,
>> and JQuery which is dual MIT and GPL.
> JQuery is fine as we can take it under MIT.
> The other code is a concern for two reasons. The first is that there
> is no clear licence, this can probably be resolved with a quick email.
> However, there is every possibility that the code infringes on Mattel
> trademarks.
> It may be better to leave this widget in another location, see end  
> of this mail.
>> * Test.wgt doesn't use any outside code (its for testing API  
>> compliance with
>> specs).
>> * YouDecide.wgt doesn't use any outside code.
> Good.
>> Inside the /WebContent/wservices folder are widgets included in a  
>> default
>> build:
>> * Natter uses some Apple code; this can be removed as its just  
>> chrome.
>> JQuery again. And the smileys are actually Skype emoticons under  
>> the Skype
>> Component license:
>> however I think  
>> these
>> actually aren't being used under the license appropriately and  
>> would need to
>> be replaced with some genuinely open emoticon images. If anyone  
>> knows of any
>> this would be very handy!
> I often use for icons, I'm
> pretty sure there are some emoticons in there to. CC-BY-SA licence
>> None of the other widgets (weather, vote, chat, forum) use any  
>> external
>> code.
> Excellent.
>>> I'd like to hear the thoughts of the mentors on handling these  
>>> issues.
>>> I'd also appreciate it if mentors can look over the code to see if
>>> there are any items I've missed (note the lib files are in an  
>>> unusual
>>> place:
>>> )
> My suggestion for the plugins and widgets of questionable licence is
> to do as Scott suggests and start a separate google
> code/sourceforge/whatever repository to house incompatibly licensed
> plugins (which are actually plugins for containers rather than for
> Wookie - the name is confusing) and widgets.
> Lets call it wookie-extras
> Committers on Wookie should be given commit on wookie-extras too, but
> committers on wookie-extras do not automatically get commit on wookie.
> we can have a lower barrier to commit on wookie-extras and treat it as
> a kind of incubating site for widgets.
> Ross

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