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From Thomas Wrobel <>
Subject Re: SwellRT tech overview
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2016 13:08:01 GMT
If we are doing things for SwellRTs benefit, it seems like it should
all be upto Pablo to me.
As the main developer of SwellRT he has the most to risk, and any
requirements or prerequisites he feels necessary to mitage that risk
he should specify and we should accommodate.
I certainly don't want any harm to come to the work that has been done
on SwellRT.

I just feel adding a prerequisite at apaches end of "we need more
people active at SwellRT" is a bit weird after being given such a
generous offer.


* Adam - Indeed the link seems to be for proposal for things entering
incubation. I think aspects of the voting section still make sense
though. Certainly both a summery and details of the proposal is

Last I heard the plan was simply to let SwellRT become the main
branch. So no code merging as such, just a replacement with this fork
(with the acknowledgement of some recent work might be lost at Apaches

SwellRT has good documentation of its API etc, so presumably this also
would also be brought in somehow?

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