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From Ali Lown <>
Subject [VOTE] Wave 0.4.0-rc10
Date Sat, 10 Oct 2015 06:58:41 GMT
Hi all,

RC10 is now available for review.
Artefacts can be found here:
(Remember checksums are from 'gpg --print-md SHA512 $f > $f.sha')

I have included both source and binary artefacts for convenience.

The release version (if successful) will be 0.4.0-incubating

This is taken from the branch 0.4.0-rc10 of the incubator-wave repository.

Notable changes since earlier initial release attempts include:
- Use of typesafe config
- Bumped versions of Jetty, GWT, etc.
- Assorted tweaks to build system

A summary of useful information can be found in RELEASE-NOTES, and a
list of changes in CHANGES in the source artefacts.

Action Required:
Please go and test these packages (most importantly the source ones)
for any outstanding legal problems, or any runtime problems in a
'standard' configuration.

We are not looking for a perfect first release, as there is plenty of
time to fix outstanding bugs in future releases, but we do want to get
0.4 out soon (at long last).

This vote will close around 0000 GMT 17th October 2015.

[ ] +1 Release it!
[ ] +0 Ok, but...
[ ] -0  Ok, but you really should fix...
[ ] -1 Definitely do not release this because...


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