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From Ali Lown <>
Subject Wave Android App Landing (GSoC)
Date Thu, 20 Aug 2015 23:29:05 GMT
Hi all,

As many of you know, Roshan has been working on developing an Android
client for Wave, as part of GSoC '15. The code base can currently be
found on his github account[0].

I will let Roshan provide the full details of its functionality, but
the core features are all there (signup, signin, search, new waves,
wave rendering).

Sadly, the end of GSoC is almost upon us and we should probably decide
how best to fit this amongst the rest of our files, and what state
Apache Wave should provide the client in.

So, for handy reference when responding, here is my set of discussion points:

1) Where should we store the android client code?
  a) In a new repository? incubator-wave-android?
  b) In our main repository incubator-wave, under a new top-level
folder android/ ? Should this link in with our main build system then?

My thoughts tend towards option (a), as it has very little in common
with the main codebase - beyond pulling a 'core' library in as a jar.

2) How to version the android client?
  a) Should it follow the main client/server numbering (so we start it at 0.4)?
  b) Should it have its own versioning?

I would again tend to option (b) here, which works particularly nicely
if it is in its own repository.

3) How should we distribute the client?
  a) Should we provide a compiled apk for easy loading?
  b) Should we publish on the Play Store?
  c) Do we leave the client compilation up to Wave server operators,
and simply provide the source code?

I am leaning towards option (c) here, as I see the Apache Wave's code
as mostly a 'reference implementation', but I know that others here
might like a more turn-key solution. (Such as the binary releases
alongside the normal source releases)

4) I am imagining two sets of documentation for the client, a "user
guide", and a "hacking guide", kept with the rest of the new
documentation in the incubator-wave-docs repository. Do we need the
"user guide"?

Please do respond with your thoughts on any/all of these matters,
(In the event of no responses, I will simply execute my thoughts as
set out above ;) )



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