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From David Banks <>
Subject RE: Starter tasks
Date Thu, 30 Apr 2015 18:57:30 GMT
I've been keeping an eye out for something I can get involved with for a while, but haven't
seen a 'in'.

Marking some relatively simple tasks for starters would be great, it's also highlight to others
that those tasks should have an extra bit of code review too.

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From: Yuri Z []
Sent: 30 April 2015 19:53
Subject: Starter tasks

As Evan already mentioned - we discussed ways to increase community
contributions to the Apache Wave project.
One of the suggestions was to create appropriate issues and mark them as
"Starter Task".
This provides an easy way to contribute for those who willing but don't
know where starter. However, we can't be sure that those starter issues
will match skills and interests of potential contributors. So, if there's
someone who wants to contribute - she can just state here her skills and
interests and we can try to find suitable starter project.
For reference, Wave can offer starter projects in these main areas:
- Server
-- Fixing/Improving search functionality implementations in Lucene/Solr.
-- Fixing/Extending support for MongoDB (or other) storage.
-- Improving support for Robot API
- Client
-- GWT development - like improving/adding features in rich text editor
-- HTML/UI updates to the landing page
-- Replacing legacy GXP templating framework with something more mainstream
like Velocity.
- Tests
-- Adding more tests - a great way to learn a lot about Wave. Would you
like to learn more about Operation Transformation, Federation etc..?
- Gadgets
-- Developing new gadgets using Wave gadgets API.
- Robots
-- Developing new "agents" - i.e. built in administration robots
-- Developing new robots using Wave Robots API - like email integration
-- Fixing Python client for robot API.
- Documentation
-- We can use any help. Even someone with a fresh eye reading existing
documentation can help to spot and fix issues.
- Project build system/ configuration.
-- We currently use ANT scripts. It would be nice to replace ANT with
something more modern like Gradle or SBT.
- Scripting
-- Scripts to help with release process
-- Scripts to help with setting up Federation etc..

and more ...
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