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From Kirill Kostyuchenko <>
Subject Re: Roadmap
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2015 14:48:40 GMT
Hello Wiab!
During the year Andrew Kaplanov & Denis Konovalchik implemented new
structure of data store, protocol and renderer to accelerate big waves

We have already deployed to


   - dynamic rendering only visible screen area
   - highlighting of deleted blips

New protocol:

   - opening the wave with displaying changes since previous opening
   - reopening the wave after connection is lost
   - error diagnostics

We're going to deploy to soon:

Data store:

   - creation of snapshots and operation history for requested documents
   (for blips in the visible area)
   - operation aggregation during writing
   - data deserialization only when it's necessary

New protocol:

   - uploading blips into visible area
   - data deserialization only when it's necessary

We support our own instance and would be glad if Apache Wiab
placed the link to as a commercially supported demo-server onto page. In this case we could be
a company supporting and coordinating the development and we would commit
more into the official repository.

Does anybody have some plans? It would be nice to avoid duplicating our
implementation efforts.

On Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 7:49 PM, Yuri Z <> wrote:

> I can share my own roadmap - or things I would do.
> 1. Modernization
> 1.1 Replace GXP templating system that is used to generate few front end
> HTMLs with something that is main stream and well documented.
> 1.2 Replace ant scripts that are used to build the project/manage
> dependencies with something else - like Maven, Gradle or SBT. I personally
> don't like maven and prefer more modern build systems like gradle/sbt.
> 1.3 Replace the system configuration framework that is custom written
> Google thing with something more standard. It would be nice to replace
> server.config and custom annotations with Typesafe Config.
> 2. Rewrite of the concurrency handling. The current concurrency handling
> code is buggy and really complex.  Some of it uses locks for
> synchronization, some is asynchronous with callbacks and some works with
> Guava futures. Parts of it were written for Google Wave but most was hacked
> for FedOne and later for Wiab. I think this particular logic can be greatly
> simplified if re-written  using the Akka Actors framework. In Java or
> preferably in Scala (that's why I prefer SBT over Gradle).
> 3. Re-think how we should solve the tight coupling/great complexity of
> client-server protocol. Maybe we should split the Wiab project into two
> parts server and client - where server will depend on compiled javascript
> client.
> On Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 1:12 PM Christian Grobmeier <>
> wrote:
> > we have volunteers for the next months. Why not discussing what we
> > should do?
> >
> > My first preference would be: craft a release.
> > I forgot what was missing back then, but it would be great to find out
> > from the mail archives and create jira issues for the open things. Maybe
> > Ali could help here, as he was the RM for the last try.
> >
> > The next thing would maybe be more technical. Can you throw in some
> > concrete ideas what could be achieved in small steps?
> > I guess "refactoring everything" is not a good start :)
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Christian
> >

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