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From James Keener <>
Subject Re: Roadmap
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2015 17:33:46 GMT
> For example, personally I am interested on building new collaborative apps
> with Wave's technology. But I don't need the conversation model and the
> current GWT client app. So I am building my own API on top of Wave.

I could have worked with the conversation model (though basically
wouldn't have used it), and instead of building on Wave I am currently
using Share.JS.

> So the question would be, what do you expect/want/need from Wave as
> developer?  the answer can lead technical tasks afterwards.

I live in Pittsburgh.  I could give a talk to the Carnegie-Mellon and
Pitt Computer Science clubs on OTs (though my knowledge is introductory
at best at the moment).  Could we come up with a standardish deck and
others do similar? I know there are tech communities that welcome
speakers elsewhere in the city as well. At the end with a pitch for
interested parties to come and help?  This would be predicate on us
thinking the docs and build process are easy enough for a dedicated
undergrad to hop on them. (I was able to get WIAB running, but I wasn't
able to break it apart to examine and use the parts I needed, the server
and protocol. It's quite possible I didn't try hard enough, but Share.JS
was much easier to integrate into what I was doing so focused my efforts
on it.)

An extension of this would be any open research topics that a grad
student could pick up, perhaps?

As a side note, I feel out of place saying all this because I've kind of
ducked out of the community because I couldn't get Wave to work without
WIAB.  I stayed on the mailing list because I hoped that someday it'd
become more partitioned and a hub for people doing creative things with
the Wave protocol.


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