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From Francesco Rossi <>
Subject Re: Wave and Incubation
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2015 03:50:11 GMT
I concur with Yuri.
One thing I would add is that a lot of knowledge is actually dispersed 
in this mailing list.
It would not be bad to have a forum on which to engage at least a 
mainstream part of the community.
Information would be searchable and more accessible.

Also, is there a general repository for all the contributions that have 
been done so far from the Community?
This would be another great asset on which to work, independently from 
the platform we'll end up being on.

On 3/17/2015 10:41 AM, Yuri Z wrote:
> I agree that from the point of view of adding to the source/experimenting -
> there's no advantage to staying with Apache. However, there are other
> reasons.
> 1. Doing a release will signify that the code base is free of legal issues
> and thus encourage adoption of it by other parties, like,
> co-meeting, kune etc...
> 2. The Apache Wave site and this mailing list had become a known place to
> look for the Wave related info. There's no other well established place
> like this. The wave-protocol at google code was such place before Apache,
> but it isn't now. Establishing a new home will confuse new and old Wave
> followers.
> 3. Migrating issues from Jira and Wiki will take considerable effort,
> again... Probably a lot of info will be just lost.
> On Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 4:03 PM Tobias Pfeiffer <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I guess this is my first post to this list, even though I am subscribed
>> for a year or so know and "following" the discussions here.
>> The technology in Wave seems quite amazing to me (in particular the
>> federation part, which hardly any commercial entity would add to their
>> product out of a business interest) and I would love to see the project
>> flourish, but – just judging from what I saw here on the mailing list –
>> I was always wondering if this project is going anywhere from its
>> current state. I don't know the project and its history very well, but
>> it seems to me that even *if* it was possible to make a release or
>> convince Apache that Wave should stay in the incubator, I don't see how
>> overall progress should be made.
>> My feeling is that moving out of Apache to, say, Github (not
>> Sourceforge, though...) can't make anything worse, but it *might* lower
>> the barrier to collaboration.
>> Thanks
>> Tobias

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