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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Actions Items (was: Roadmap)
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2015 09:43:15 GMT

from the huge thread "Roadmap" I took a way the following potential
action items:

 - Client/Server split, maybe common
 - Setup testing
 - Setup CI
 - Replace GXP templating system
 - Improve buildsystem with using Maven, Gradle or SBT
 - Replace custom configuration framework with something more conveniant
 - Rewrite of the concurrency handling. 
 - Make Wave work with modern browsers
 - Shortcuts are broken
 - Inbox search is needs improvments
 - GWT superdev mode is broken
 - Upgrade to GWT
 - GWT-tests broken
 - Gadgets broken
 - Bonus: understand the changes from and discuss if they
 should be upstreamed

It seems we have some infra, some architectural and some frontend
>From the Frontend it seems we have no conclusion if GWT is the right
track or not.

What I understood is that most people agree that we need to have some
kind of Client/Server/Common split.

We have some issues in the backlog also, which makes refactoring hard
like build system, broken tests or CI not being setup.

This is quite a bunch of work.

I have two questions: 

 1. why did we went stuck with the first release? Sorry Ali to ask
 again, I forgot and couldn't find it in my mails quickly. Could we
 solve this right now and get it done?

 2. What would be the next, small step? In my opinion it actually should
 be the build system. Once this is done, it can be explained how "easy"
 it is to setup Wave, which might help to attract approaching devs.

Both items are small enough to be resolved with in April. Volunteers
should learn how to make releases at Apache, also learn and improve the
build process. I think this is a great step for new volunteers.



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From: Christian Grobmeier <>
To: "wave-dev" <>
Subject: Roadmap
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 12:12:32 +0100

we have volunteers for the next months. Why not discussing what we
should do?

My first preference would be: craft a release.
I forgot what was missing back then, but it would be great to find out
from the mail archives and create jira issues for the open things. Maybe
Ali could help here, as he was the RM for the last try.

The next thing would maybe be more technical. Can you throw in some
concrete ideas what could be achieved in small steps?
I guess "refactoring everything" is not a good start :)



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