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From "Bruno Gonzalez (aka stenyak)" <>
Subject Re: JSON editing and move conflicts
Date Sun, 19 Oct 2014 10:35:49 GMT

Renamed keys for user-facing dicts, and application lambdas for
user-hidden dicts sounds reasonable to me. 

What about different lambdas affecting each other while they run? E.g.
two client-side lambdas trying to solve the same conflict. Or also,
since lambdas can potentially do *anything* in the json data,
server-side lambdas may affect other concurrent lambdas that weren't
even working on the very same conflict. Would a global conflict lock be
used to prevent it, or is there any strategy to guarantee these issues
won't happen? 

I'm assuming ditching json for a simpler format (just lists of lists),
delegating dictionary implementation to each application, is either a
dumb idea, or just another variant of same original problem (since I
guess we would end up providing a dictionary emulation library using
lists of (key,value) lists anyway, which applications may or may not
use, so exactly like current situation with lists and dicts). 


 Bruno Gonzalez | stenyak @ irc://
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