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From Ali Lown <>
Subject Re: Third party dependencies from fail the build
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2014 13:52:50 GMT

I deleted the DNS CNAME record for this domain, hence it fails. (I was
doing a clean out of my DNS records, and forgot that this one was

I have been able to source the tinder and whack jars from elsewhere,
and have pushed the fix in cab299e44b5a40498268ecae463f8e330fae6897

Not sure about the origins of websocket.jar (is this a really early
version of Java-Websocket?)

Maybe it would be easier if we just include the single source file in
the our repository? (MIT license, can we do that?)


On 24 August 2014 23:48, Ali Lown <> wrote:
> Sure.
> I am going to bed now (as it is about to hit midnight here), so I will
> take a look in the morning...
> Can we put them on an apache dist server somewhere?
> Ali
> On 24 August 2014 23:46, Yuri Z <> wrote:
>> It looks like we have some third party dependencies server from
>> that are not reachable and fail the Jenkins build.
>> @Ali, can you take a look? Ideally, would be to replace the links to use
>> maven-central or some trusted third party...

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