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From Michael MacFadden <>
Subject Re: An Open Source implementation of Google Drive Realtime API
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2014 02:18:51 GMT
Thanks.  I’ll need to look at the code a little more, but this appears to
handle transforming two operations (or two sets of operations).  In a
collaborative systems built on OT, there are certain operations that need
to be transformed against each other and certain ones that do not.  For
example if you generate an operation and I receive it, and incorporate it
into my document model, and THEN I issue a new operations, these do not
need to be transformed.  The transformation control algorithm typically
decides which operations are concurrent and which ones are not.

I am just having a hard time seeing where that is happening.  This is of
particular interest to me as the correctness of the transformation
functions depend heavily on how the transformation control algorithm works.

Just curious.

On 7/8/14, 7:07 PM, "田传武" <> wrote:

>Hi Michael,
>The Transformation Control Algorithm is at:
>On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 11:41 PM, Michael MacFadden <
>> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I took a look at some of the code.  I see where the code implements some
>> transformation functions (for OT), but I do not see where something
>>like a
>> Transformation Control Algorithm is implemented.
>> How do you determine which operations need to be transformed against
>> other operations?
>> Regards,
>> Michael

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