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From Joseph Gentle <>
Subject Re: An Open Source implementation of Google Drive Realtime API
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2014 23:00:44 GMT
On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 2:35 PM, Kythyria Torsfarenris
<> wrote:
>> I recently paired with the author of quilljs and stypi to port his
>> rich text OT type for quill into sharejs. It works great.
> I eagerly await publication of that.

Yeah I'm looking forward to it too - its been a few weeks, I should
probably ping him. It should be really easy to put online.

>> My big learning from a lot of this stuff is that semantics for
>> different kinds of data are different, and you need to be able to
>> support that in your system.
> Amen to that. JSON gets you *most* of the way, as in lots of things can be
> made to fit. I figure Wave would have run into the same thing if it had
> gotten widespread enough for people to try to represent things other than
> Wavey conversations (for instance, atomic replacement of attributes is
> suboptimal for SVG).

We were already running into the same things, except we were coming at
it the other way. Given we had OT on the XML-like wave structure, how
do you represent sets and maps? This was important for gadgets and
wave robots. Alex wrote a lot of code doing some JSON OT-like
operations backed by the XML structure, storing items alphabetically
in an XML element and then reordering them in a best-effort manner.

In my opinion it was a mess. ShareJS's approach is much cleaner -
though supporting subdocuments with their own OT semantics might be
better still.


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