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From Kythyria <>
Subject Re: An Open Source implementation of Google Drive Realtime API
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2014 17:39:33 GMT
On 07/09/14 16:25, Thomas Wrobel wrote:
> Of what benefit would contributing this to wave be?
> Doesn't wave do a superset of this functionality already? (albeit with
> messier code)
In a similar way to XML being a superset of JSON (and Wave includes bits 
that *neither* does well or indeed at all).

> Seems (possibly) more useful for Wave to contribute its (federation)
> functionality to this or a fork of it. Then you would have a new
> pseudo-wave that does much of the same stuff, but with a much neater
> codebase (and mobile support) to build from.
> Alternatively if elements of this could replace waves code to
> simplify/neaten it that might be good...but at least from an outsiders
> perspective that seems rather hard.
> Regarding the point earlier about rich text in json - wouldn't it be easier
> to use html encoding of styled text? To my knowledge html strings work in
> json just fine as long as a few things are escaped. Or isnt this possible
> with the OT method being used?

HTML strings fit in JSON--and technically it's not JSON we're talking 
about but the data structures JSON serialises--the problem is that then 
you're editing a textual serialisation, rather than the actual data 
structure. Given that GR, Wave, and Etherpad all use something other 
than a plain text string, it's probably reasonable to conclude that 
using plain strings to represent rich text opens too many possibilities 
for an OT or similar system to get into a state where the document is 

Or for that matter, for creating pairs of operations which cannot be 
resolved in any reasonable way by an algorithm that isn't aware of the 
syntax involved.

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