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From Joseph Gentle <>
Subject Re: Wave Kickstarter
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2013 19:50:36 GMT
... Not to mention that I'm not completely convinced that I want to
deliver the actual email-like client as part of the project. The thing
that excites me is the platform that people can build collaborative
tools & systems on top of.

I will probably change the name too. From my original post above:

> Maybe the most contentious part of all, I don't think I'd want to call
> it wave. But it really would be the grandchild of what we've been
> working on all this time.


On Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 11:30 AM, Patrick Coleman <> wrote:
> The proposal seems to include rewriting the OT stack, changing the
> language(s) the client and server are written in, and moving to github.
> If this is the case, is there any point in still being called Wave?
> It sounds like not much will be able to be transferred other than knowledge,
> so is there any reason to not just create a kickstarter for GentleWare (or
> whatever you want to call it :p)?
> I guess it is still a wave-y project, but this is kind of like the
> Theseus's paradox of project naming.
> (although I'm not that familiar with licensing concerns, so maybe there's
> part of the federation protocol or the OT spec which
> can only be used by 'Wave' in which case it makes sense).

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