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From "Bruno Gonzalez (aka stenyak)" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] To stay or not to stay
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2013 21:27:15 GMT
I think I'm also going to abstain from voting. Reasons:
1) First and foremost, the others have already mentioned that there's no
need to choose between both options: we can have both*.
2) The possible contributions from Kirill's company. I think this is big
news, and the best hope wiab has to make a big step forward. If moving
away from apache can hurt this possibility in the slightest way, I can
not vote to leave Apache.
3) Taking a wider picture, I still think Joseph's fresh start plan might
be a better way to push wavey technology (I definitely prefer its design
to wiab's). I wouldn't feel very comfortable deciding on wiab's future
when I might be jumping wagon to this other project soon (when/if it
actually goes ahead).

[*] which reminds me... if anyone is interested, the work-in-progress
email bridge version of wiab has been available at github since the

On 12/10/13 17:48, Upayavira wrote:
> It seems to me that the time has come to make a decision here, and for
> now, I'm going to ask that we consider just one simple question:
>  * Should Wave stay within Apache, or leave.
> I'm going to ask that we postpone any discussion about either option
> that isn't required to make the decision, until the vote is complete. If
> discussion is to occur, please move it to a separate thread, to keep the
> [VOTE] thread clean.
> I'm going to suggest that this vote runs for 72hrs, and that we aim for
> consensus. Should anyone wish to change their vote based upon the votes
> of others, that's fine, only your last vote will count. 
> I'm going to suggest that for this vote to succeed, we'll need full
> consensus of committers/PPMC members. Community votes are also very much
> welcome, but committer/PPMC votes will be the ones that make up the
> final tally.  If this vote does not receive a consensus, then the status
> quo will continue until another event occurs to change it.
> I myself am not going to vote, as I see this as a vote for those who
> feel ownership of the project and its codebase. I couldn't make an
> impartial vote anyway.
> So, here's your chance to cast your votes:
> [  ] Wave should stay at Apache
> [  ] Wave should leave Apache, and find a home elsewhere
> Thanks,
> Upayavira

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