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From "Bruno Gonzalez (aka stenyak)" <>
Subject Re: Incubation status
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2013 15:09:54 GMT
Hi all, sorry to reply this late, but here's my point of view.

Legal point of view:
>From my understanding, being at Apache, and following its strict
policies, should in theory attract serious companies to invest money
into the project, being reassured that the legal risks are minimal.
Unfortunately, not much of the sort seems to have happened yet. I
personally think that, on the contrary, it has in part contributed to
wasting precious time. What I mean is that, I'd much rather have a
50%-legally-sound and alive project, than a 99%-legally-sound but almost
dead project.
If the project had 10 people devoting their spare time, parallelizing
efforts in several planes (one of them the licensing issues), then maybe
it wouldn't be such a burden to keep up with those policies. But it
breaks my kernel to see the most valuable contributors having to deal
with random icon licensing stuff.
In this regard, my vote would be: in favour of leaving Apache.

Social point of view:
The "Apache" name surely is known by many people. At least in the
developer community. This could more easily attract them to the project.
But given the total amount of project we have really working on the
project, I'm not sure whether the 'Apache' name is actually better than
simply having the code at github with actual p2p VCS capabilities.
For that, my vote would be neutral at best, and leaning towards leaving

Technical point of view:
A big point for staying at Apache is that we have a big infrastructure
already in place: issue tracker, code repository, wiki, mailing list,
possibility to use virtual machines for free, etc.
However, that's also the problem: being provided and maintained by a
third party (from the point of view of our project), means there's no
flexibility as to what VCS we want to use (a read-only mirror at github
is missing the whole point about git), what communication medium to
officially use (the dogfooding argument), etc.
This is what I've had the closest (though scarce) experience with, and
in my case, I feel it has slowed me down, having to divert potential
coding time into non-important stuff. I don't know how much time, but
surely > 0.
For that, I'd vote in favour of leaving apache.

All in all, and unless things can be done in a different way while still
staying at Apache, my opinion is that we would prolly be better off
outside Apache at this point (in the future maybe it'd be better to go
back, but I don't see how things could get worse by leaving Apache now).

On 11/28/13 11:02, Christian Grobmeier wrote:
> I believe it makes sense to discuss if the incubator is the right place.
> Incubation has a specific goal: forming a team which can do releases
> and is - in a way - active.
> I see there is little activity at all. The only person i have seen
> working on the codebase recently was Ali.
> He also was the release manager of package which had trouble to
> receive the necessary votes from its own team.

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